Main Exam Window

During the exam, the Exam Main Window is shown on the screen:

exam 1.png


During the exam it is possible to move between the questions and answer the questions in any order you prefer.

The bar in the bottom of the window gives a visual indication of how much time is left to complete the exam. A numeric representation is shown to the right of this bar. During the last minute of the exam, the bar will count down the number of seconds instead of minutes. When the time is up, the exam is automatically ended.

Four buttons are located in the bottom of the window. Listed from the left;

  • Previous Question - Moves to the question before the currently shown question
  • Reset Question - Resets the answer and marks the question as "Not Answered"
  • Show Summary - Opens the Summary Window showing the status of the questions (answered / not answered) and from here the exam is also ended
  • Next Question - Moves to the next question in the exam. If the last question is shown, the Exam Summary window is opened

There are three distinctive parts in this window that are presented in the sections below.


Question Text

In the top left corner of the window, the current question is displayed and the points a correct answer will give.

exam 1-1.png


Note the scroll-bars that could be needed to display the complete content of the exam question.


Question Attachments

Optionally, the question may have an attachment, shown as a push-button. Clicking this button, a standard Select Directory dialogue will be displayed where the location to save the attachment should be selected. The default location is the My Documents directory. When the attachment has been saved, the directory containing the file will be opened.


Question Pictures

Each question may have up to five pictures, shown in the top right-hand area of the exam window. If multiple pictures are present, click a thumbnail to display a large version.

exam 1-2.png


It is possible to pan and zoom in the picture using the mouse or the buttons that are shown in the upper left-hand corner.


Answer Area

Centered in the bottom of the window is the answer area. The answer to the questions should either be selected from the radio-buttons or check-boxes if the question has discrete answers. Numeric questions require numeric answers and could be either a single value or a 2D or 3D position.

When the answers are listed as radio-buttons, there is only one option that could be selected. When the answer options are listed with check-boxes, any combination between none or all options could be correct.

Numeric values are considered correct if the calculated deviation is less than the allowed deviation the exam writer has configured for the question.