Ending the Exam

The exam will end automatically when the allotted time has run out. You may also end the exam before time is up by going to the Exam Summary window and click End Examination.

If you have unanswered questions in the exam a second confirmation will be shown before ending the exam. When the exam has been ended, processing of your answers will be done and the Exam Result window will be shown.




Your result will be displayed in green or red at the top. The bar graph in the left part of the window shows your score, missed questions and unanswered questions. The line indicates the passing score.


Topic Graphs

Depending on the exam configuration, stong topics and topics to study may be shown to the right of the bar. If you failed the exam, the Topic Graphs will give value information on which areas to study before trying the exam again.


Passed Exam?

When passing the exam, a certificate is automatically created and a message is sent to the email used when taking the exam. If a certificate was issued, there is a button "Download Certificate" that will start your default web-browser and download the file. Your certificate is also available for download from the The Certification Center.

Note: if you took the exam using an Event ID, the certificate will not be issued until the proctor closes the exam and issues the certificates. Please contact the person giving you the Event ID for additional information.


Failed Exam?

Depending on the configuration of the exam you may have to wait a certain amount of days before taking the exam again.