Resuming Exam

If the Exam is interrupted when running the Exam - for example a system crash or power outage - it is possible to resume the Exam and continue where you left off, minus the time spent restarting the computer or software.

The resume the Exam, simply restart the Tangix TesterPRO Client and allow the Exam recovery function to complete. After downloading the Exam information your answers will be restored and you will be able to continue.

If there is no time left, you will have to option to upload the answers and get the result of the Exam.


Digital Signature not valid

Problem: When starting Tangix TesterPRO Client a message "The Digital Signature of the application is not valid." is displayed. The error code shown is 0x800B0109.

Solution: Please see Microsoft KB916260 for a solution -


Troubleshooting installation

Failure Writing files during installation

If the target directory for the installation is now writeable, a message will be displayed. Verify that the location is writeable and selected another install location that is writeable and try again.



Verify that installer has been downloaded successfully

If the installation fails, first check the Digital Signature of the downloaded Tangix_TesterPRO_Client.EXE file to make sure that the file has not been damaged during download. To check the Digital Signature, right-click on the file, choose Properties and then go to the Digital Signatures tab and select the signer in the Signature list:

signature 1.PNG

Click the "Details" button and verify that the text "This digital signature is OK" is shown. If this text is not shown, the file has not been downloaded correctly. Please try downloading again and if the problem persists, verify your anti-virus solution.

signature 2.PNG


Problems with Sophos Anti-Virus

Sophos Anti-Virus version 7.6 flags a DLL (MBSChartDirector5Plugin16078.dll) installed with Tangix TesterPRO Client as suspicious. We have submitted this to Sophos for analysis and this file does not contain any malicious code. For more information, please see this link.